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Tiara PR Network

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Tiara Public Relations (PR) Network, LLC is the award-winning upscale boutique firm where we believe in the power of actions, words and using our collective voices. We support  communicators, community leaders and business professionals striving to make a positive impact in the community. The Tiara PR Network team specializes in providing experiences that help you drive your meaningful messages and efforts further along to create a lasting impact. Our next-level business and new multi-room business venue, the Tiara PR Network Headquarters, is conveniently located in Carrollton, TX, in North Dallas. Check out our Tiara PR Network services to see how we can support you along your journey

Experience. Led by Visionary Leader and Trailblazer Tiara M. Tucker, we have an extensive history of strategizing and executing on PR, branding, communications, events, media relations, community engagement, and more. We have supported thousands of noteworthy people, brands, businesses, organizations, events, campaigns, high-profile legal cases, community efforts, crisis situations, and other efforts. We bring decades of knowledge, experience and skillsets to the table from our impressive network of resources.

Impact. Our team is dedicated to leveraging our unique PR approach to help PRomote, PRogress and PRotect clients and their efforts that move beyond dreaming to doing good in the community. Our leadership and work has received positive attention and engagement, as well as special mentions on local, national and international platforms. We take pride in the active role we genuinely play in the social justice and mental health community, and the countless lives we reach with our social impact and community work. 

Connections. We are known for making connections and connecting dots. Check out our full listing of services to discover how we can best connect with you. You can also register today to join us at the Tiara PR Network Headquarters for our unique Coworking Days, Tiara PR Network Business Mixers, networking opportunities, and other special events. We also offer premiere rental and PR options for your next business meeting, business event, podcast recording, content creation day, or special occasion at our venue. And, yes, our entire headquarters is inspirationally photo shoot ready, laced with empowerment and motivation in every room.

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Our HQ

Our one-of-a-kind business is located inside of the Tiara PR Network Headquarters, which is the premiere upscale North Dallas venue for our clients, as well as diverse communicators, community leaders and business professionals to connect, collaborate, create, and celebrate in an effort to make a difference. Designed to be a community oasis that ignites empowerment and dreaming big, the Tiara PR Network Headquarters offers a variety of decorated content creation, podcasting, meeting, and special event rooms. We also provide quality in-house services, coworking days, networking events, trainings, and workshops in an inspiring, educational, collaborative, supportive, and celebratory setting. Rental options are available. 

When it comes to serving the community, we didn't wait for a seat at the table; we bought our own tables and throne chairs (we really did). We can't wait to pull out a seat for you!

Currently, all visits are by confirmed RSVP and appointment only.  Follow us on Instagram at @TiaraHeadquarters and @TiaraPRNetwork to stay updated. 

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