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Tiara PR Network

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Tiara Public Relations (PR) Network, LLC is an award-winning upscale communications boutique firm providing communications support and PR strategy for communicators, community leaders, business professionals, and high-profile projects striving to make a positive impact in the community. Our next-level business and Tiara PR Network Headquarters, which is centrally located in Carrollton, TX, in North Dallas, is owned by Visionary Leader and Trailblazer Tiara M. Tucker, a 2022 recipient of the President Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. With a passion for communications, content creation, consultancy, special events, and advocacy since her early childhood years, Tiara specializes in creating communications and experiences that move meaningful messages further.  


Community. Our one-of-a-kind business and Tiara PR Network Headquarters is the premiere luxury spot for communicators, community leaders and business professionals to connect, collaborate, create, and connect in an effort to make a difference. Tiara PR Network Headquarters offers a variety of quality in-house services and offerings for our clients and community members in an educational, empowering, collaborative, supportive, and celebratory setting. And, yes, our entire headquarters is inspirationally photoshoot ready, so be sure to schedule your visit!


Experience. Our team is led by Tiara, an experienced communications and PR strategist, transformational communicator/coach, community leader, and empowerment connector. Tiara passionately leads multiple teams of experienced business professionals. As a respected and sought-after entrepreneur, nonprofit executive and DEI leader, she brings multiple decades of connections and learnings to the table to support clients, as well as a host of diverse people and organizations from all over the country.

Dedication. The Tiara PR Network Team is dedicated to leveraging our unique PR approach to help PRomote, PRogress and PRotect people and efforts that move beyond dreaming to doing good in the community. With a niche focus on diversity and embracing the beauty of connecting, collaborating, creating, and celebrating, we desire to be a trusted, judgment-free partner along one's journey of dream and goal realization.

Impact. Our leadership and work has received positive attention and engagement, as well as special mentions on local, national and international platforms. We take pride in the active role we genuinely play in the community and the countless lives we reach with our efforts. We believe in the power of words and using one's voice. When it comes to serving the community, we didn't wait for a seat at the table; we bought our own tables and chairs (we really did). 

Support. Contact us today so we can support you! We'd also love for you to visit our brand new Tiara PR Network Headquarters to learn about options available to help you make your dreams come true and reach your goals. Currently, all visits are by confirmed RSVP and appointment only.

Connect. You can also connect with us on social media at @TiaraPRNetwork. Please subscribe to our Tiara PR Network YouTube Channel for an epic journey of empowering and insightful videos and speaker showcases; inspiring conversations; and talks about hot topics and current events from a PR, professional and personal perspective. 


  Speak That! Movement

Speak That! Movement, whose national headquarters is also located inside of Tiara PR Network Heaquarters, was created by Tiara PR Network CEO Tiara M. Tucker. As an award-winning 501c3 charitable organization, Speak That! Movement has been locally and nationally honored and recognized for its efforts to equip and empower professional women in business along their journeys of dream and goal realization. We support women and girls to combat mental health issues and social injustice roadblocks, so they can unapologetically walk in their purpose, use their voice, and live their best lives. 

We are passionate about enriching lives and communities by helping to produce and promote Speak That! Movement's epic events and custom novelties; and coaching the inspiring network of Speak That! Speakers. To learn more about these transformational, life-changing efforts that you can be a part of, visit

If you are interested in speaking with us along your journey, volunteering with us, or would like to book us to speak at, host, moderate, or assist at your next event, contact us today!

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