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The Tiara PR Network Headquarters (HQ) locations in North Dallas are where we make our royal magic happen. They are where we create spaces and platforms for communicators, community leaders and business professionals to connect, collaborate, create, and celebrate. They allow us to offer our unique events and PR services in more in-person and impactful ways. 

Where We Are Now

Currently, our main HQ is located on the 12th floor of the beautiful Colonnade hi-rise tower in Addison, TX. We guess you can say we moved on up like the Jeffersons as we prepare to open our next epic venue. 


We are still centrally and conveniently located in North Dallas within a 3-mile radius of hundreds of restaurants, retail stores, local businesses, hotels, churches, major highways, and even a private airport for you inspiring jet-setters! We also have a satellite location at the Star in Frisco, TX, for our clients who want to meet us in the Dallas Cowboys' world. 

The good things is, you can still think of us when you are looking for a business venue for your next intimate business event, content day, photo shoot, or podcast recording session. We also have other venues to offer you within our Network if we can not accommodate you at this time. Our team of experienced business professionals and event curators are here to support you.


Where We Were

You may have heard about our amazing 3,200 square foot HQ located in Carrolton, TX. Opened in February of 2023 to celebrate Black History Month as one of North Dallas' newest Black-woman owned business establishments, our one-of-a-kind upscale and empowering business venue.


Visualized, manifested and decorated by Tiara PR Network and Speak That! Movement Founder Tiara M. Tucker, our former Tiara PR Network Headquarters in North Dallas was a prototype. It was our custom-designed, photo-shoot ready Empowerment Empire and Creators Castle that housed multiple rooms where we offered premiere events and opportunities.

The Former Tiara PR Network HQ

Tiara PR Network Heaquarters.png

At our HQ, we opened our doors and pulled out a seat to welcome hundreds of diverse business professionals who attended our events, or the events hosted by others. Everyone left feeling empowered and inspired to make their dreams come true.


Hold tight...Our new spot is in the works and we can't wait to pull out a seat for you! In the meantime, meet us in Addison, Frisco, or our mobile HQ locations where we still roll out our red carpet.

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Visitor Admittance Policy

All clients and guests are required to RSVP in advance to attend events, book appointments, stop by for venue tours, and enjoy photo shoots. To register to attend any of our upcoming events, please visit our Events page on our website. 

Rental Space Inquiries

Are you interested in learning about renting a meeting room in our Addison location for an upcoming business meeting, business professional event, photo shoot, or podcast recording? If you need a space for a special occasion, we have some great locations to suggest within our Network. Shoot us a message and we can see how we can help you!

Stay updated regarding Tiara PR Network Headquarters by regularly visiting our Events page and following @TiaraHeadquarters on Instagram.

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