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Tiara PR Network Headquarters (bka Tiara Headquarters or Tiara HQ) is the brand new home of Tiara PR Network and Speak That! Movement. Opening in February of 2023, our one-of-a-kind luxury business headquarters will be the premiere spot for diverse communicators, community leaders and business professionals to come together to connect, collaborate, create, and celebrate to make an impact in the community. Tiara PR Network Headquarters will offer a variety of quality in-house services and offerings, such as: strategy and coaching sessions; trainings and workshops; networking and speakers events; team building activities; press conferences; showcases; community forums; volunteer engagement opportunities; brand photo shoots; podcasting and audio/visual productions; epic celebrations; collaboration and meeting spaces; and exclusive opportunities to unite with a network of dreamers and doers.

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Tiara PR Network Headquarters

Visualized, manifested and decorated by Tiara PR Network and Speak That! Movement Founder Tiara M. Tucker, Tiara PR Network Headquarters is her custom-designed, photoshoot ready Empowerment Empire and Creators Castle that houses the:

  • Tiara PR Network Executive Office

  • Speak That! Movement National Headquarters and Boutique

  • Tiara HQ Meeting Room reserved for private meetings and gatherings

  • Tiara HQ VIP Lounge exclusively for clients, HQ members and VIP guests

  • Tiara HQ Beach House Lounge for complimentary refreshments and mental breaks

  • Tiara HQ B-Suite available for private business appointments and client bookings

  • Tiara HQ C-Suite set up for connecting, collaborating, creating, and celebrating

  • Speak That! Studios, our content production studio that will be equipped for creating quality audio/visual productions, podcasting and brand photoshoots 

  • Tiara M. Tucker Community Center offering premiere business and special events; our new Tiara PR Network Dallas Speakers Series; trainings and workshops; community engagement and volunteer opportunities; and other valuable resources

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Visitor Admittance Policy

At our private establishment, all visitors are required to RSVP in advance to book visits, appointments, venue tours, and photo shoots. Registrations are subject to approval. To register to attend our upcoming events, please visit our “Events” page on our website. 

Rental Space Inquiries

If you are interested in learning about renting our space for your and/or your organization’s upcoming business meeting or special occasion, please know that we must take pride in the amount and types of events we are able to accommodate. The ultimate goal is that all efforts hosted in Tiara PR Network Headquarters will promote positivity amongst business professionals in the community. Please complete our Rental Inquiry Form so we can learn more about your request and needs. After your confidential responses are thoroughly reviewed, a member of our team will be in touch with you. We sincerely appreciate your time and interest.

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