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The Tiara PR Network Headquarters is the brand new 3,200 square foot headquarters for Tiara PR Network and Speak That! Movement. Opened in February of 2023 to celebrate Black History Month as one of North Dallas' newest Black-woman owned business establishments, our one-of-a-kind upscale and empowering business venue is the premiere spot for diverse communicators, community leaders and business professionals to connect, collaborate, create, and celebrate. It also allows us to offer our unique events and PR services in more impactful ways. 

Our Tiara PR Network Headquarters provides a variety of beautifully-decorated rooms, as well as quality in-house services and offerings. Think of us when you are looking for a private business venue for your next business event, special occasion, content day, or podcast recording session. Our team of experienced business professionals and event curators are here to support you.

Additionally, we are centrally and conveniently located in North Dallas within a 3-mile radius of hundreds of restaurants, retail stores, local businesses, hotels, churches, major highways, and even a private airport for you inspiring jet-setters!

Tiara PR Network Heaquarters.png

Tiara PR Network Headquarters

Visualized, manifested and decorated by Tiara PR Network and Speak That! Movement Founder Tiara M. Tucker, our Tiara PR Network Headquarters is her custom-designed, photo-shoot ready Empowerment Empire and Creators Castle that houses multiple room that business professionals can rent for meetings, special occasions, photo shoots, content creation days, and more. Click here for descriptions and to reserve the below room(s) for a minimum of 2 hours. 

  • Tiara PR Network Executive Office: Call for Quote 

  • Speak That! Movement National Headquarters and Boutique: Call for Quote

  • HQ Lobby (1-25 ppl): $100 p/hr

  • HQ Meeting Room (1-20 ppl): $125 p/hr

  • HQ VIP Lounge (1-15 ppl): $125 p/hr

  • HQ Beach House Lounge for a relaxing mental break escape: Call for Quote 

  • HQ B-Suite (1-4 ppl): $50 p/hr

  • HQ C-Suite (1-25 ppl): $100 p/hr

  • Speak That! Studios (1-10 ppl); $75 p/hr

  • Community Center (1-50 ppl seated/1-65 ppl standing); $150 p/hr

  • Entire Headquarters (Max of 65 ppl); $325 p/hr 

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Visitor Admittance Policy

At our private business establishment, all visitors are required to RSVP in advance to book visits, appointments, venue tours, and photo shoots. To register to attend any of our upcoming events, please visit our Events page on our website. 

Rental Space Inquiries

Are you interested in learning about renting space for an upcoming business meeting, business professional event or special occasion? The ultimate goal is that all efforts hosted in the Tiara PR Network Headquarters will promote positivity amongst adult business professionals in the community. We take pride in the amount and types of events we are able to accommodate and support. We love curating and hosting events, and assisting others, so our experienced team is here to support you before, during and even after your rental with our packages and add-on services. We even have the throne chairs and benches available for the added touch to awe your clients or guests!

Please complete our Rental Inquiry Form so we can learn more about your request and needs. After your confidential responses are thoroughly reviewed, a professional member of our team will be in touch with you. We sincerely appreciate your time and interest.

Stay updated regarding Tiara PR Network Headquarters by regularly visiting our Events page and following @TiaraHeadquarters on Instagram.

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