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A Note from Founder/CEO Tiara M. Tucker


Who would've thought we would be living in times like these? People are wearing masks when they go outside, employees are working from home, kids are out of school, events are cancelled, businesses are closed, restaurants are to-go or delivery only, and people are truly being still. At times, I am just in awe. My comfort lies in knowing that this too shall pass and it will all work out for our good if we trust and believe.

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I hope that all of you and your families are finding peace during your still moments. I hope that you are able to be productive and keep your mind on the things that bring you joy. I hope that you also believe that this too shall pass and you will make it through better than ever.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you with your personal or professional endeavors, empower you, or offer you hope.

Speaking Hope, Peace & Blessings,

Tiara M. Tucker

Founder/CEO of Tiara PR Network & Speak That Movement


Join Us at the Special Edition Speak That! Movement Empowerment Social: Conquering COVID-19: 4/26/2020



Join Tiara PR Network, LLC for our free special edition COVID-19 Speak That! Movement Empowerment Social, which will be a Facebook Live community event streaming live to the "Speak That Movement" Facebook page.

Meet us in the “Speak That Movement” Facebook page on Sunday, April 26, from 5-7PM, CST, as we conclude April with our third Speak That! Movement Empowerment Social of 2020. Event Host Tiara M. Tucker will moderate a panel of two dynamic business professionals who will inspire everyone by sharing details of their recovery journey as COVID-19 survivors and how they are currently navigating through life. Attendees will also receive COVID-19 updates, as well as health, mental, emotional, and safety tips from medical and safety professionals. The event will conclude with a powerful Corporate Prayer.


-Tiara M. Tucker (TX): Creator, Host, Empowerment Connector, and Founder/CEO

-Tereva Parham (TN): Corporate Prayer Leader, and Communications & Media Strategist

-Dr. Dawda K. Pouncy, ND, DNP (TX): Functional Medicine Practitioner, Functional Health & Wellness in Frisco, TX

-Daniel Moody (TX): Director of Safety/Facilities and Assistant Chief of Tactical Training

-Nic Clark (MI): Covid-19 Survivor, VP of Finance, Connector, and Community Builder

-Georgvell Christian (TX): Covid-19 Survivor, and Senior Manager of Legal Compliance & Licensing

For those of you who are already planning to join, or who joined our last Speak That! Movement Empowerment Social in March, thank you! For those of you who are unsure, we would love to see your name when we go live!

For more information or media inquiries, please contact

We can’t wait to connect with you and conquer this pandemic together! Stay safe.


Thank you for believing in Tiara PR Network and Speak That! Movement. We look forward to continuing to support and empower our clients and others along their journey of dream and goal realization. With all of our efforts, we will remain committed to speaking against mental health roadblocks impacting people along their journey.

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