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Speak That! Movement was created by Tiara PR Network Founder and CEO Tiara M. Tucker in Illinois in 2011. It evolved into a movement based in Dallas, TX, to equip, empower, uplift, inspire, connect, and celebrate professional women in business via inspiring speakers, epic events, engaging media, and custom novelties.

As a multi-award-winning organization led by women in business, Speak That! Movement is another resource for our Tiara PR Network clients, community members and supporters. We believe that words have power and your “that” can be spoken into existence. With all of our efforts, we intend to speak life with an intentional focus on empowering and inspiring people to walk in their purpose, use their voice, and live their best lives -- while helping to combat the mental health issues and social injustice roadblocks that are encountered along the journey.

To stay updated about the Speak That! Movement efforts and to enjoy more valuable resources, regularly visit the Speak That! Movement website and follow the journey on social media. Be sure to subscribe to the Speak That! Movement YouTube channel to watch and share the empowering videos that Tiara PR Network produces. 

To shop the online empowerment boutique that houses the items we help create and publish, visit the Speak That! Movement boutique.

For collaborations, consideration to be a speaker at empowerment events, or for Tiara M. Tucker to speak at your events, contact us.

Dream It! Believe It! Speak It! Walk It!

Speak That! Movement

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